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Back Pain

Back pain is a commonly reported chronic pain condition.  It is one of the main causes of prolonged absence from work and disability.  There has been a huge rise in the amount of reported back pain over the last 40 years, this is thought to be the result of increased obesity and stress.  This has had an enormous impact on the economy and health care costs.

The spine

The spine is made up of 24 individual vertebra that provide structure and support to the body’s skeletal system.  These vertebra are cushioned by gel like discs to protect the bones and keep movement smooth.  A long nerve called the spinal cord runs through the spine, linking nerves throughout the body to the brain.  If part of the spine is damaged, inflamed or irritated it can affect the whole nervous system via the network from the spinal cord. It can also affect joints throughout the body as the musculoskeletal system compensates for changes in posture.

Causes of back pain

It can be related to a wide variety of causes and conditions.  Underlying health problems such as arthritis or osteoporosis can lead to back pain.  Injury or stress damage to the back can also lead to long-term back problems.  Common back conditions include herniated or prolapsed discs, which result in damage to the cushioning of the spine and damage to the sciatic nerve.  Pain due to sciatic nerve damage can lead to constant back pain, numbness and tingling in the legs.


Painkillers, anti inflammatory drugs and steroids are commonly used to treat back pain.  There are also a range of lifestyle factors that can help relieve the symptoms of back pain.  Keeping active, losing weight and practicing relaxation techniques can all help manage back pain. Manipulation techniques and physiotherapy may also help sufferers.  Chiropractic manipulation can help by releasing joints, easing tension and correcting poor alignment in the spine.

Protect your back

To prevent back pain or worsening of existing painful back conditions it is recommended to maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, use safe techniques for lifting and keep good posture when standing and sitting.

Close to 18 million adults and 2 million children receive chiropractic treatments for pain therapy and other conditions every year.

Chiropractic methods have been shown to be effective in reducing pain among people with back pain. For example, a study of 42 patients who visited chiropractors for pain management over a period of two months found that low force spinal adjustments successfully helped ease lower back pain.


I was unable to row or get up from bed, unable to bend, and my daily life routine was drastically effected. Since I have been seeing Dr. Dylan I have fewer attacks of pain and my mornings are less painful. I sleep better, and I have a happier life with no pain!


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