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Leg Pain

Leg pain can be the result of many things.  It may happen following an injury, or through overuse due to work or sports.  It can also occur because of an underlying health condition such as arthritis or a deep vein thrombosis.   Wear and tear from sports or work activities is a common source of leg pain and includes problems such as:

  • ŸShin splints, which cause pain at the front of the shin and are often caused by types of sport which involve starting and stopping, such as football and tennis.
  • ŸDamage to the soft tissues, which often occurs due to over stretching, bending, twisting or an impact injury.  This can include torn tendons, ligaments and muscles as a result of over-use or impact.
  • Sprains and strains, which are a result of damage to a ligament (sprain) or muscle (strain).  Tendonitis, the swelling of the tendon due to overuse.
  • ŸBony growths, sometimes known as spurs, which can occur on joints where local inflammation has occurred.
  • ŸHousemaids knee or other forms of Bursitis.  These are the build up of fluid in the bursa, a fluid filled sac that lies over joints to protect them.  Bursitis can occur as a result of repetitive activity or an injury.

Other conditions that can cause leg pain include:

  • ŸArthritis: a condition which results in pain, swelling and loss of movement in the joints as a result of wear and tear or an immune system reaction.
  • ŸOsteoporosis: the reduction of bone density leading to brittle and easily damaged bones.
  • ŸDeep vein thrombosis: this can cause swelling in the leg or a heavy leg pain.  This should be reported to a doctor immediately as it is caused by a blood clot, which can potentially travel through the bloodstream and block a vein in the lungs.
  • ŸSciatica: a result of the compression of the sciatic nerve, often because of disc damage or degeneration of the spine.  This causes leg pain as the sciatic nerve runs through the buttocks, legs and feet.

Chiropractic treatment for leg pain

With so many potential causes of leg pain, it is important that any treatment focuses on the patient’s particular needs. A chiropractor will carry out a visual assessment of the patient, take a full medical history, discuss lifestyle factors and carry out a manual physical examination in order to assess the potential source or multiple sources of the problems.  A course of treatment may then be recommended including manipulating the spine into a better alignment.  By carrying out chiropractic adjustment, it is possible to free up the joints in the spine, increase mobility, release tension on the spinal nerves and thereby improve the function of the nervous system.


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