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Managing Stress – Combating the “Silent Killer” With Chiropractic Wellness

Posted By : Dr. Dylan Altfeld | Date : September 18, 2012

Managing Stress – Combating the “Silent Killer” With Chiropractic WellnessMost of us are aware of the fact that stress is a way of life in some ways. The fact is that symptoms of stress have also been called the “Silent Killer”, and dealing with this problem is often easier said than done. While Rule Number 1 – might be – don’t sweat the small stuff, we sometimes need a little more help than that to get us on the right track. Chiropractic wellness can offer an alternative approach to health care and in particular stress management, that works, but might not be simple to understand.

The chiropractic approach to stress management presents a conservative and effective solution. At the same time, it is also an ideal solution for illness prevention, and holistically speaking – an ounce of prevention is better than a whole pound of cure. This type of care also places emphasis on more responsibility on the part of the patient, and being responsible is good for us.

Stress itself is derived from a number of sources; physically this is a situation where the body is constantly in “fight or flight” mode. Eventually the continuous demands of stress on the sympathetic tone of the body alter endocrine, neurological and cardiovascular function. The body is in effect – constantly ready for action and shunted into to survival mode. In other words, the brain perceives itself to be constantly in danger, and this is just no good. Increased stress cycles eventually do lead to disease in the body. Chiropractic adjustments enhance sensorimotor integration between neural pathways and the body. Let’s explain this a little further.

Sympathetic tone causes hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol and epinephrine to release into the body. While this is fine for short periods of time, as during exercise- when the body is exposed to these hormones for extended periods, they completely exhaust all its reserves. It weakens the immune system, overworks adrenal glands, decreases digestive function, and seriously disturbs the blood pressure. When cortisol levels are high this also causes ligament laxity. Stripping vital proteins from ligament and tendon structures, causing joint weakness, including in the spine! The physical effects of long-term stress also cause massive and rapid degeneration of the skeletal structure, which leads to osteoarthritis.

Much like hitting the “reset” button with a computer, which takes all settings back to normal – chiropractic adjustments allows for the neural pathways to reprocess themselves.  This stops the fight or flight response, which effectively addresses the stress. Normal cardiovascular, endocrine and neurological function is the result. The body is then given an opportunity to heal itself from any damage done during a chronic stress cycle.

Research has been performed (Taylor and Murphy) which proves that enhanced sensorimotor integration brought about by chiropractic adjustment, allows the body to enjoy improved spatial intelligence. This means – find where the body is in space (yes space) and co-ordinate complex movements effectively. Both body and brain function is improved and the patient can think better, move better, balance, and most importantly heal better too.

The most common complaints brought to most doctors by their patients are; backache, headache, and fatigue. These symptoms of illnesses may have their roots in physical, chemical or emotional origin. Regardless of the origin of an illness, its effects on the body always manifest in the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustment/wellness addresses the origin of the illness, and is regularly used successfully to manage stress.

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