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Menstrual and Pregnancy Pains

Many women experience pain, particularly back pain, during pregnancy or as part of their monthly menstrual cycle.  Hormonal changes during pregnancy and a woman’s monthly cycle can lead to a wide range of associated symptoms.  These can include headaches, sickness, sciatica, leg pain and certain conditions associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.  Many of the problems that women experience with their joints and general musculoskeletal system are because of the changes in tone to muscles and ligaments caused by hormone surges.


Hormonal changes are perfectly natural and are an essential part of preparing a woman’s body for pregnancy and childbirth.  However, there can be a number of painful indirect effects because of these changes.  As joints become more mobile than normal, it places extra strain on tendons and ligaments leading to pain and inflammation.  In addition to hormonal changes, pregnancy often causes changes in posture as the pregnant woman’s body changes shape, gains additional weight from the growing baby and affects the woman’s centre of gravity.  These changes affect mobility, placing additional pressure and strain on the musculoskeletal system.

Managing Period Pain

Many women experience lower back and abdominal pain during their period.  It is common for people to take painkillers to manage this.  However, there is also a range of ways to help with period pain without the use of drugs, simply through small changes in lifestyle.  A good diet and regular exercise can help keep hormones in balance.  Relaxation techniques can help with mood swings and maintaining constant energy levels.  In addition to lifestyle factors, chiropractic adjustment can help manage menstrual cramps and pain.

Treatment through chiropractic techniques

An assessment by a chiropractor can pinpoint areas of the spine or particular joints that may be associated with period or pregnancy pains.  The chiropractor can manipulate these areas to reduce pain caused by the hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy and during the monthly menstrual cycle.  Manipulation of the spine can help relieve pressure and increase mobility in the musculoskeletal system, improving posture and reducing pain caused by pregnancy. Adjustments in the lumbar area can ease pressure and discomfort on nerves that are linked to the uterine area.  Chiropractic manipulations can also lead to better posture, more energy and improvements in general wellbeing, which help minimize the effects of pregnancy or period related pain.


I went to see Dr, Dylan because I wasn't sleeping well, and I couldn't sit without having unbearable pain. After getting treatments with Dr. Dylan, I can sleep better and sitting for longer periods of time feels good. I'm really happy I went to Concierge Chiropractic!


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