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Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to become curved.  This can result in the rib cage, shoulders or hips and legs looking uneven.  The sufferer may experience back pain, breathing problems and bad posture.  Because of the misalignment in the back, pain may occur elsewhere as the body attempts to compensate.  Scoliosis can occur in babies, children or adolescents and is more common in girls than boys.  It sometimes begins in childhood and progresses as the child grows, causing increasing mobility and postural problems.  In older people, the condition is often because of a degenerative disease of the spine such as osteoporosis. 


Conventional treatment is to use painkillers and try to minimize the impact of the curve or prevent it becoming worse with the use of a back brace.  For extreme cases, surgery may be carried out where the back is held in place by metal hooks and rods.  Physiotherapy and keeping physically active can help to minimize the impact of the spine’s curvature on the body.  Increasing muscle strength to support the area of the back that is curved can ease pain and enhance mobility.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic therapy can help by increasing the mobility in the spine and attempting to bring the spine into better alignment. This is achieved using manual manipulations.  The chiropractor will assess the patient’s mobility at the waist and use a manual physical examination of the spine to identify areas of tension, compression and misalignment.  A series of manual adjustments are then used to try to increase the movement in the spine and reduce pressure on the nerves.  Chiropractors use a range of thrust, twist and pressure movements to manipulate the joints in the spine and deep tissue massage to encourage the muscles and surrounding soft tissues to hold the spine in better alignment.


I had a frozen shoulder and lower back pain. I had migraines and couldn't even straighten my back. Before seeing Dr. Dylan I had thought chiropractic treatment was very expensive and impersonal. Now I think neither is true! I have very few headaches now, my back is much looser, and I have no more aches.