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Spine and Neck Problems

People can experience many different spine and neck problems.  Pain in the neck or spine is often because of an injury, twisting the back, overstretching or wear and tear associated with age.  The spine is made up of vertebrae, which provide a flexible bony channel through which the spinal cord runs.  The bony vertebrae are cushioned by gel like discs that work to absorb shock and impact as we move around.  The spine is naturally slightly curved to allow people to stand upright and balance.  The three sections of this curve are the cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (chest area) and lumbar spine (lower back).  The vertebrae are held in place with ligaments, tendons and muscles and are linked by facet joints, made of cartilage, along the length of the back.  These joints enable the range of movement in the back, allowing twisting, stretching, lifting and bending.

Causes and prevention

Conditions that can lead to back or neck pain include arthritis, whiplash, scoliosis, sciatica and disc damage.  In addition, injuries from falls, playing sports or a car crash can cause back problems.  You are also more likely to experience back pain if you are overweight, smoke, are stressed or anxious.  Everyday activities like driving or sitting at a desk may result in back pain if posture is poor and the back is not exercised regularly.  There are therefore many things that can be done to prevent back and neck pain.  Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, checking your posture and regularly taking breaks from deskwork or driving can help prevent problems.  For people suffering from depression or anxiety it can help to seek counseling or find support to manage stress.


Many types of back pain can be managed through using painkillers and exercising regularly.  However, for some conditions specific drug therapies or surgery may be required.  A chiropractic practitioner can help ease back and neck pain by increasing mobility in the back and realigning the parts of the back.  This is carried out following a thorough examination of the back and taking a full medical history.  The chiropractor will then advise on a course of treatment involving the manual manipulation of the back to improve movement in the joints and reduce pressure or irritation of the spinal nerves.


When I first came to Concierge Chiropractic I had intense back pain. I could not sleep and was just plain miserable. Since I have been seeing Dr. Dylan, the severe back pains have reduced in intensity, and I can sleep better.

Ann P.