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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can affect anyone who regularly participates in sporting activities.  It is not something that only professional athletes suffer from.  Many people participate in a form of sports for leisure or fitness and they are therefore at risk from sports injuries.  There are two main types of sports injuries: those resulting from repetitive strain and those as a result of a trauma.  Trauma injuries are usually caused by a fall or collision.  Repetitive strain injuries are often a result of overuse or over stretching.

Repetitive Strain Sports Injuries

These injuries are often associated with sports involving a repetitive movement such as golf or tennis.  They are a result of an accumulation of the impacts of stress on tissues in the body, particularly muscles and tendons.  Common conditions associated with repetitive strain sports injury include Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow

Trauma Sports Injuries

These include bone fractures, joint dislocations and ligament, muscle or tendon damage.  A simple trip or slip can cause a pull to the muscle, a twisted joint or torn tissue in a joint.  Damage to the tendons or muscles is commonly known as a strain, damaged ligaments are known as a sprain.  Accidents that are more serious such as those involving a fall, a collision resulting in a large impact or an impact at an extreme angle, can lead to fractures or other damage that may require surgery.  Injury to the back can be particularly dangerous if the effected area has an impact on the spinal cord and other nerves around the injury.


For serious injuries such as fractures, emergency medical treatment is required, but most sports injuries should be treated initially with rest, cooling and support.  Drugs can be taken for pain relief and to help reduce swelling.  A chiropractor can provide assistance with recovery from sports injuries by making adjustments to the effected joints, bones or tissues in order to relieve pressure, reduce inflammation and return the effected area to a more normal level of mobility.


To limit the risk of sustaining a sports injury it is essential to warm up properly before playing any sport. It is also advisable to follow a training plan and not try to do too much, too quickly, particularly when starting out in a new exercise or sport.


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