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The reason I went to Concierge Chiropractic was because I had severe pain and great discomfort. Since I have been undergoing chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Dylan, I have had steady improvement. I am now able to be more active and have even taken up belly dancing!


I was unable to row or get up from bed, unable to bend, and my daily life routine was drastically effected. Since I have been seeing Dr. Dylan I have fewer attacks of pain and my mornings are less painful. I sleep better, and I have a happier life with no pain!


I went to see Dr, Dylan because I wasn't sleeping well, and I couldn't sit without having unbearable pain. I had tried massage, and although the pain would go away, it would soon return. After getting treatments with Dr. Dylan, I can sleep better and sitting for longer periods of time feels good. I'm really happy I went to Concierge Chiropractic!


I had a frozen shoulder and lower back pain. I had migraines and couldn't even straighten my back. Before seeing Dr. Dylan I had thought chiropractic treatment was very expensive and impersonal. Now I think neither is true! I have very few headaches now, my back is much looser, and I have no more aches.


When I first came to Concierge Chiropractic I had intense back pain. I could not sleep and was just plain miserable. Massages or jacuzzi only gave me temporary relief. Since I have been seeing Dr. Dylan, the severe back pains have reduced in intensity, and I can sleep better. I also learned how to exercise properly which will help my back even more. I'm so grateful to Dr. Dylan!

Ann P.

I love golf! I play at least a couple times per week. But it wasn't always that way. A few years ago I started getting sharp pain in my hip when I would swing. I tried changing the mechanics of my swing, ice, heat, message, but nothing seemed to help the pain. In fact, it kept getting worse. It got to the point where I wasn't even able to play the game I love. It wasn't until I starting getting Chiropractic Adjustments from Dr. Dylan that I started getting relief from my pain. Dr. Dylan put me on a treatment plan that included some things I could do at home. Within just a few weeks I was back on the course!

Anthony Lee
Fort Collins, Colorado

I was in so much pain. I couldn't stand up straight and was terrified of what was going on with me. The minute I arrived at Dr. Dylan's office, I was greeted with kindness and professionalism. After the first treatment I felt instant relief and left the office standing upright again! Great service! After 3 years now I am a regular client and love the way that Dr. Dylan's care has helped me.

Ventura, California

I had been in pain for months and all it did was continue to get worse. Then I was refered to Dr. Dylan Altfeld. He is a masterful healer! A few visits to Dr. Dylan was all it took and my pain was gone! Thanks Doc!

Allan James