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What is MedX?

MedX is a computerized, state-of-the-art equipment system that uses Biomechanical precision and low-friction that allows physical therapists to test for the precise level of core weakness in the muscles surrounding the spine.

MedX was developed by Arthur Jones who invented the revolutionary Nautilus exercise equiptment line. He founded MedX, in 1986, to fine tune the testing of strength, range of motion and endurance in humans. After years of tests and refining, that were validated by independent research teams at the University of Florida, MedX perfected its medical Lumbar Extension machine. Since it’s introduction, it has helped many thousands of people all over the world lessen or totally eliminate back pain, increase their function and quality of life.

The MedX system allows for the isolation of certain muscles back and neck. This allow the MedX system to maximize, not only the strengthening of these muscles, but also helps increase the range of motion.

Weakness of the core muscles can result in back and neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and more serious problems like herniated discs arthritis and more. A strong spine is needed for a strong foundation. This allows for optimal spacing between the vertebrae. The MedX  allows for isolated strengthening of the back and/or neck to build the supporting muscles of the spinal column. This frequently results in diminished pain and can help to avoid more intrusive treatment plans, such as surgery.

Patients attend therapy treatment for 6-12 weeks, twice a week and are very closely monitored by a doctor, who will follow up every 4 weeks. The objective is to greatly improve strength and endurance, which leads to increased functionality, decreased pain, greatly improved quality of life, independence and the decreased need for continued spinal care. Patients will leave the program with the knowledge of body mechanics along with a home exercise program to sustain their improvement.

MedX is acknowledged as the standard for healing and decreasing long term back and neck pain and loss of function by strengthening the core muscles surrounding the spine.

The MedX program involves:

  • Flexibility
  • Strengthening/Stabilization
  • Body Mechanics/Posture Education
  • Lifting techniques
  • Cardiovascular training

MedX Medical Lumbar Machine

  • The MedX Medical Lumbar Machine has been proven to significantly reduce or eliminate chronic low back pain in approx. 80% of chronic low back patients.
  • University proven and tested.
  • Test Range of Motion and Strength.
  • Progressive Resistance Exercise.
  • 20 to 500 Foot Pounds of resistance in 2 lb. increments.
  • NEW Software and Computer system.
  • Print progress and comparative analysis charts.

MedX Medical Cervical Machine

  • Proven to significantly reduce or eliminate chronic neck and upper thoracic pain.
  • University proven and tested.
  • Test Range of Motion and Strength.
  • Progressive Resistance Exercise.
  • 20 to 300 Inch Pounds of resistance in 2 lb. increments.
  • NEW approved Software and Computer system.
  • Print progress and comparative analytics charts.


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